Friday, December 27, 2013

International Giving Week 2013 - Target Corporation

As a part of the International Giving Week 2013, Target Corporation, India, hosted several competitions that saw a number of schools and NGOs participate. The events included Quiz, Rangoli, Painting and Spell Bee. Being one of our partners and a company that strongly champions child’s rights, the Dream School Foundation, was excited to be a part of this special day.  Here’s a low-down on a day that saw some spectacular results.


Right from the preliminary round, our students were in the lead. Comprising of three rounds, our performance was unmatched from the word go. Kevin Jesse, Manjunath, Vanitha and Musab worked together as a synchronized team and answered almost all questions that were directed to them. In one of the rounds, as the Quiz Master was reading out the question, like a bolt of lightening, Kevin shouted out the answer even before the question was completed. The awestruck audience applauded his speed and knowledge. The other teams did a commendable job in giving our students stiff competition, but in the end, we emerged victorious and bagged the FIRST place. 

                                                           SPELL BEE

In the last few years, the International Spelling Bee Competition has seen Indian kids bag the coveted top prize. In an effort to continue the proud trend, students of the Dream School Foundation practiced hard and spared no effort in lapping up infinite words of the dictionary. Though the all-girls team, didn't place in the top three, our performance was commendable and we hope to better our skills and emerge as the Queen of a Spelling Bee competition, soon enough. 


Considered a dying art, Rangoli which has adorned the front doors of many Indian households, is still a decoration that is practiced by a few.  The Ragoli competition that required some incredible creativity saw some colourful compositions. In under thirty minutes, our team comprising of Roopa VT, Shobha Rodha and Aishwarya Barick, came up with an impromptu design and were adjudicated as the THIRD prize winners.


With textbooks that weigh a ton and homework that will keep you awake till the wee hours of the night, one really wonders where a child is to find time to practice art or music. Putting together a team of our very own M.F.Hussains and Tayeb Mehtas, ten students from the Government Urdu School and Government Tamil School, N.S. Lane, R.T.Nagar showcased their artistic acumen with some extremely colourful and picturesque paintings. Yakesh of the Government Tamil School was awarded the SECOND place which was no small feat, considering the competition was stiff and saw a large number of participants. We tip our hats to you, Yakesh. 

At the prize distribution ceremony our students received accolades and goodies from leaders of Target Corporation, India, and a snack box that left their hearts and tummies content. We congratulate the winners and thank our partner Target, for the immense support and the opportunity that you continue to share with all of us, at the Dream School Foundation. 

--Karun Gopinath

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