Friday, October 11, 2013

Remembering Gandhi

'Generations to come, it may well be, will scarce believe that such a man as this one, ever in flesh and blood walked upon this earth'

After a much-deserved holiday and having just completed their exams, students at the DSF R.T.Nagar Centre were in no-mood for ‘academic engagement’ ( very simple, textbooks were a strict no-no!)  Fearing physical harm, I still took the chance of asking our students to turn to page 86… in chorus, the response was a loud NO! Little did they know that they were in for a big surprise!  Veering away from the usual, a combined class of the 8th and 9th students saw an approximately 50-strong audience gather, giving us the ideal mood and timing for a talk on Gandhi. Starting off, we discussed and deliberated why Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was deserving of titles such as ‘Father of the Nation’ and the ‘Mahatma’.  Expressing eagerness and interest in knowing more, this class was one that was interactive and engaging. A documentary on the Mahatma was screened which shed more light on his nobility and impeccable discipline. At the end of this short-movie, a quiz was conducted which saw a clean-sweep by the girls. Poornima Holla, Programme Coordinator, presented each one of them with a small gift for answering correctly. 

All-in-all, with the close of this special class, each student seemed greatly influenced by the supreme sacrifice and qualities that captures the legacy of this simple man, which will bear impact on our minds and hearts, for generations to come.

--Karun Gopinath

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