Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Field Trip - Rambus Chip Technologies

Raring to go, the students and staff of DSF’s Yeshwanthpur E&D center, trooped into a bus which arrived sharp at 9:45 am, looking forward to an exciting day ahead! DSF’s long time partner, Rambus Chip Technologies, had organized a day long trip to their office on Bannerghatta Road.

On reaching the campus, we were given a warm welcome by Mr. Murali and his team. An icebreaker session followed, with the students introducing themselves and talking about their goals and dreams. Unlike the previous batches, the students had varied goals. From doctors to sportsmen, engineers to IPS officers; their aspirations were diverse. The students’ determination to follow their own path was well appreciated by the Rambus team. When Chaithanya expressed his ambition to join the IAS and later enter politics, Mr. Murali was impressed, as, in his words, “we need young blood to rule the country.”  Following the icebreaker, the team played a few videos for the students, which left them inspired and motivated.

A couple of fun activities had been arranged for the group, the first one being a test of reflex. The students were divided into teams of two. Each team was given a scale with a meter. One in each team was asked to hold the scale while his team-mate waited in anticipation for the scale to drop. The swiftness, with which he caught hold of the scale without letting it touch the ground, was measured using the meter, reflecting his reflexes. Each student was given three chances and the first three teams were awarded chocolates.

The second activity was a test of concentration and balance. The group was provided with a paper cup, a metal measuring tape and a ball. Each student had to put the ball into the cup while balancing it along the tape. The student, who managed to put the maximum number of balls into the cup within 30 seconds, was given a prize.

The end of the activities saw broad smiles on the faces of the students, as they gleefully clutched their chocolates. As a token of their love and appreciation, the students presented the Rambus team with a special handmade card, colourfully adorned with their thumb imprints.

Starting the tour, the students were divided into groups of five, and taken to all the departments of the organization. They were exposed to the workings of the chip designing, software designing, lab testing, human resources and finance departments. They were also given a tour of the UPS and recreation rooms. The fascinated group, was explained the nature of work and functions, of each department and were encouraged to question and understand. The employees at Rambus, more than happily answered the plethora of questions that followed. As we toured the office, we were pleasantly surprised and humbled, to see DSF cards, plaque and pen stands, previously given to the Rambus team, displayed in Mr. Murali’s cabin.

An exciting and eventful morning left the students hungry- for food and more. Lunch was a delicious spread of various dishes, especially arranged for them, by the team. They had also arranged for more activities and games post lunch, ensuring that the students’energy didn’t ebb. Later, the group was also given instructions and tips, for playing table tennis and foosball, which they keenly absorbed.The team conducting the day’s activities, joined in on the fun and made it even more memorable.

End of the day saw the students drag their feet to the bus, waiting to take them home. Reluctant, to see a day filled with learning and fun, come to an end, they bid adieu to the hospitable and friendly team at Rambus.

--Meena Shankar

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