Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Teacher's Day- A celebration of knowledge

In the shade of the sylvan canopy at the Gymkhana, the IISc Government School was busy in preparation fort his year’s Teachers Day celebrations. In the backdrop of this makeshift venue, there hung a banner with personal messages written by students, for their beloved teachers. Seated right in front, teachers of the IISc Government School were in for a treat of cheerful entertainment.

Dressed in their best and most colourful attire,students made haste to begin with the day’s celebrations. An opening speech in praise of teachers-in English and Kannada was followed by song and more tribute for their guiding lights .As Sowmiya ma’am, music instructor, member of the Dream School Foundation team played accompaniment on the harmonium for a slew of songs, one couldn’t help but notice that the teachers smiled in contentment. Though three different stanzas were sung at the same time of a particular song, nothing could deter the spirit in which celebrations ensued.

With a fitting end to the event, students sang Raghupathi Raghava Raja Ram and Vande Mataram in unison.Enhancing the fun-factor, a lemon and spoon race amongst teachers saw cheering that belittled the support for our Olympic team. As teachers raced towards the finish line, students encouraged their favourite mentors which concluded in a photo-finish moment. A small cake-cutting ceremony and distribution of cupcakes to all students gave us a window of opportunity to speak with a few teachers. Overwhelmed by the children’s enthusiasm, Miss Padmini, Head-Mistress-In-Charge at the IISc Govt.School spoke of the limitless love and affection each student had to offer and that there was no reward as gratifying. 

-- Karun Gopinath

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