Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Salute To Our Teachers - Vivekavardhini High School

Balloons, flowers, streamers and a colourful banner with loads of heartfelt messages; the teachers  of Vivekavardhini High School couldn’t have asked for more. The excitement of Teacher’s Day was palpable. This is one day of the year that children get to express their adulation and gratitude for their teachers, and as expected, the students spared no effort in making their teachers feel special and appreciated. The teachers were honoured with flowers and beautiful idols of Lord Ganesh, as a token of their love. They had an elaborate program planned, which included songs dance and speeches. 


Mimicry of the teachers by one of the students had everyone in splits. The act not just showcased the girl’s talent but it also made one realize how impressionable and observant children are of their teachers. Children learn best by observation and teachers carry the huge responsibility of setting a good example. The teachers at VVHS are well aware of this fact, as Mrs. Selvi, a teacher there, very eloquently said, “ It is the responsibility of a teacher to not just provide academic knowledge but to instill good habits in children and mold them so that they grow up to be good human beings.” 

Mrs. Latha, the Head Mistress aspired to be a teacher from her childhood days, and being here is now a dream come true. Though she is very happy to be in this profession,   she does not reflect the same sentiment towards the provisions of the RTE Act. “Promoting students irrespective of whether they are deserving or not, has made children lax and less motivated, posing a huge challenge for teachers.” Parents and students alike seem to have lost any value for education. While people are complaining of lack of good teachers, it is time we think in terms of providing committed teachers like these with systems and provision which will complement their efforts. 

--Meena Shankar

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