Monday, May 23, 2011

Sharing their Story Boards...

A little inspiration, some hand holding, some time spent together in discussion and few words of appreciation go a long long way!

This was proved again, when we introduced the children of the RT Nagar centre/ schools at NS Lanes to the concept of telling a story with simple stick figures. So many animated representations of people and objects are told in the most simple ways today and this observation came in handy. It just took pointing them to the zoo-zoos on tv, an comic strip or female sign on a rest room, to show them how simple human representation can be. And how when you de-focus on the aspect of representation, ideas flow more freely. Some of us are good at drawing, some of us can come up with whacky lines, some of us can get creative about a story line, some of us can speak to an audience of 100s, some manage time so well and some can just lead, but when most of us can just blend into a team, the integrated effort comes through in promising ways. That was the essence of this session.

Thanking the DSF team for helping the facilitation of this session, thanking the volunteers from PACE who spent some quality time with the children and thanking the children too for being so enthusiastic and infectiously so,...

... here are some pictures I gathered.

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