Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Red Ribbons...

March 8th is women's day. To some of us it means lunches , dinners, greeting friends and colleagues in the spirit of being special.

But to most women in our country, it's just another day...

As India's poised ... here's a message,

Waking up today, to the early sun rays,
To a new day and a brand new phase !
To the brightness hurting my eye,
While on my luxurious stretch, I lie.
A face comes up, against the light,
Not quite to my laziness' delight.
As I try and focus on the figuration,
I see a little girl, in the formation,
As a softly calling halo-ed silhouette,
Unkempt hair shining and hands held out.
Overcoming the lethargy and slumber,
Careful not to scare,I stand behind her.
I Kneel down till our shoulders align,
And turn her around, her face to mine.
And how the sun rays spark up her eyes,
Compelling us to strengthen our ties...
I feel, the brilliance needs to strike,
And tread the paths to happiness alike,
A boy, a brother, another who plays free,
I want her to see what she is meant to be!
I wash her up, fresh like the day begun,
Make two braids each held by a red ribbon.
On her white top, drape the blue pinafore,
As she wears one, hand her a second slipper.
And give her a bag, a pencil and a book,
I show her a path that few girls ever took...
Heading towards the sun and the glowing beams
On a runway of knowledge to a flight of dreams !

1 comment:

Akash said...

Yes, a bag, a pencil, a book
She will hold,
And walk on the cobbled stones of dream street,
Brave, honest, & confident
Each step it shall be.
She will grow tall & strong
And every shining star will be within her reach!

A big Dream
A lovely School
And a strong Foundation
It shall be ;-)