Tuesday, November 28, 2006

At the Navrang school..

Try reading a textbook lesson to a kid and then a story to a kid. You'll be surprised at the receptivity of the kid when you are narrating the story. Their minds can easily grasp even the most complicated words and understand any message through a story. This is what happened this Saturday at our Navrang School.

Most of our volunteers were missing at the School on Saturday. So Kavya and I decided to read stories to the kids from class 1 to 6. All the kids from the silent to the talkative, quiet to the mischievous loved the story being read to them. In the course of the narration, we revised our WordsWorth clusters whenever we came across any remotely connected object in the story. E.g.: The appearance of the sky in the story made way to revise our nature, animals, baby animals and colors clusters.

At the end of the story, we picked some kids to volunteer and narrate the story to us. These kids were so smart that they remembered every scene of the story. The sheer confidence with which they spoke could have put any adult to shame in public speaking. The kids forced us to continue the reading session for a second story to be read to them. Avi, who joined the session later, suggested that we should have someone with a loud voice read the story.

However, the kids loved the session and we were also able to integrate our WordsWorth session into the story.

Like icing on the cake, we had a different set of notes in our wish box and one of them was ‘we need story books and story reading sessions’. We felt proud that we had satisfied their wish even before we had read it.

Guys, try it out in your schools. This is similiar to the Hippocampus sessions but not sure if all the schools are having these regularly. Also this works better because the kids can relate to you as a volunteer and you would have developed a good rapport with them.


nirmita said...

navrang school team is coming with great themes for development of kinds.
keep up & more to come in coming days

nirmita said...

great cultural festive at NAVRANG SCHOOL which is having new way to learning & creating interestes live in kids.
thanks for upgrading...