Friday, September 01, 2006

I-Day at Bellur Nagasandra School

After leaving school, this was the first time I celebrated I-Day. The functions began (as usual) with the preparations & lots of music. This was followed by a very unusual puja of Gandhiji's picture and of the flag post, followed by some very moving speeches by those present. Many of the villagers who have been involved in the school improvement committee as well as those who have been contributing to the school were present. Flag hoisting and the national anthem were next on the agenda and these were followed by distribution of sweets & pencils / erasers to all and geometry boxes for the 5th std.

Maybe going forward, we should work towards having the children more involved in these activities by teaching them some patriotic songs etc. Akash, lets try to target this for 26th Jan.. :)


Akash said...

Sure Chetna.

For me two visuals stay in mind.

1. Before the function started, a villager walked-in with his 'thamte' (flat drum), and started belting rustic notes, and kids....danced..danced and danced.....I wanted to join too ;-)

2. A few day old baby girl was abandoned, and one of the village lady found her, and had decided to adopt her, everybody was excited 'bout the baby. And, the function also was to be her naming ceremony! The name 'Bharthi' was a doing the rounds.

Yes, kids dancing...we need to keep that alive...all the time...all their lives.

Megha said...

Murthuza...there..., right?

Great going !