Thursday, August 10, 2006

Right to Education bill

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The one ray of hope for Indian children - the Right to Education Bill was recently disowned by the central govt. This is a major setback for our Education System. Please sign the petition to demand justice and the Right to Equitable education for millions of our children.
Every child between the ages of 6 to 14 years has the right to free and compulsory education. This is as per the 86th Constitution Amendment Act to the Article 21A of the Indian Constitution in 2002. The Right to Education bill seeks to give effect to this amendment.

  • The government schools shall provide free education to all the children and the schools will be managed by school management committees (SDMC).
  • Private schools shall admit at least 25% of the children in their schools without any fee.
  • The National Commission for Elementary Education shall be constituted to monitor all aspects of elementary education including quality.
    • Check for the complete Bill.

      Current Scenario in 2006:
      • The Bill has been abandoned by the Central government on the pretext of lack of resources, which is unreasonable since the budget for the bill is estimated to be merely Rs 4,36,000 cr.
      • The people of this nation are being betrayed by not being given the Right to Free and Compulsory Education through Central Government legislation.
      • Two points – 25% quota in private schools and the National Commission in the Bill have already been withdrawn as per the latest draft of the Bill sent to the states by the centre.
      Several National & State level networks – CACL, SAFE, CACT, BGVS, SFI etc have come together to form an alliance called "People's Campaign for Right to Education". This Alliance will take several steps to oppose this move by the Govt. The immediate action solicited from us is to sign this online petition prepared by an Alliance partner ILP and spread the word to as many Indians across the world to gather support for this campaign.

      Please sign the petition at

      Maitreyee Kumar

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