Monday, August 28, 2006

NBD Ramanagara

Notebook drive, a DSF initiative: Giving notebooks to govt. school children. On 19th & 22nd Aug, 5,500 notebooks were given to 1500 students in 19 primary rural schools around Ramnagara. On 19th, a gang of 30 volunteers, lotz from Accenture, distributed the books. A few schools were closed because of 'Nalkne shravan shanivaara', and these were covered on 22nd Aug. The pics, shot by Sunand, tell the story.


Megha said...

nice pics...why the accident?

Akash said...

Accident's happen. Why ? tough to answer ;-) Thankfully nobody was hurt. It was a Honda City:Bannet area absorbed the impact & didn't pass it back, the tractor-engine rolled over. Sunand, quickly moved in, & got a few snaps.