Monday, July 10, 2006


Ambika wrote :

A small note on Hippocampus:
1> Hippocampus is a library which aims at cultivating the reading habits in the kids. They want to promote this even to the kids who actually are deprived.
2> Hippocampus had conducted training sessions for conducting reading sessions for kids.
  • targeted for 7th Standard
  • 3 levels
  • 12 books for these 3 levels
  • There will be an evaluation at the end of each levels, conducted by hippocampus.
  • For any kind of help we could approach them, either hippocampus or the trainers who trained us.
3> Our work is to now promote and inculcate the reading habits in our schools. To do this we need people who can commit and come on saturdays, so that kids get comfortable with them and do not see new faces every time :).

Smitha wrote:

We will get 12 Hippocampus books for a academic year. The main aim is to to improve the reading skills of kids. We will concentrate on telling the meanings of the new words in that book.

We all know that for some reason we may not be able to come all weekends. So there should be enough volunteers to fill in for the absentees :). But, kids will not be comfortable to see new faces every week.So we think, all volunteers for hippocampus will go to the school first 2/3 weeks for the kids to know all of us. Then some of us can attend the sessions according to our convenience.

Please let us know who are all interested so that we can meet and share the knowledge and come up with different activities to help kids read.

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