Tuesday, July 25, 2006

At the Navrang school.

It is encouraging to see a group of teachers, parents, donors, adopters and the volunteers in one room working for one cause - Kids and their education.
This Saturday was the scholarship distribution function in Rajajinagar II block school. A bunch of SC/ST kids were awarded a sum of Rs.75 each from the government. Along with this was the see-off function for Meenakshi ma'am who served 20 years in that school.

The main participants of the function were:
School kids
Their parents
Lion’s club member
A person from the Education office

Sridhar, Lakhsmi, Pacchi and I representing DSF.

The highlights of the meeting were:

The function started at 11 when the kids had their performances. This school kids are really bold and come up on the stage to sing, dance and even to say a few words about their teachers. I can remember performances of Manjunath – who sung about 4 songs, a very cute “math song” by Prajwal, a folk song and dance by her sister, Pragati, a kolata by a group of kids and a couple of songs by Janhavi. I can tell you that the kids were unprepared (except for the kolata) nevertheless gave a wonderful performance.

After an introductory speech from the head master, Lakshmi gave a brief on DSF, its activities, intentions and goals. It was a wonderfully worded speech addressing the need to work together to build a better tomorrow for the kids in our country. This speach can be made available to anyone planning to address a group of teachers and parents in kannada.

The scholarships were given away and then we gave bus passes to 20 deserving kids. Then followed a series of "few words" from all the special invitees to the meeting - The lions club member, the Education office representative and Sheela ma'am - every one emphasizing the need for parents to send their kids to school. Meenakshi ma'am was in tears as she gave a word of advice and shared her experience with the kids.It was an overwhelming experience, to say the least.

A few demands were put in front of the Lions Club - Room construction, the toilet construction, drinking water supply etc and the Lions club were more than happy to take it up. Representatives from parents came forward to put their demands. Janhavi, a 5th standard kid, walked upto the stage and said they wanted and educational tour. Looking at the enthusiasm in the student, the Lions club members readily approved of it.

The Education officer suggested to keep a suggestion or Wish box in the class room, where the kids can write their wish and drop it in the box. We could take a look at it and see how much we can fulfill it. It was a nice suggestion and we will be implementing it in our school from next Saturday. Anything to make the kids love coming to school, we think.

We will be starting the WordsWorth sessions and Kannada reading sessions from this week for our children.

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