Monday, May 08, 2006

Chinnara Angala 3

Chinnara Angala, Chalghatta School May 6th. 30++ kids, 2 teachers, 7 volunteers.

Morning sessions had children enacting stuff. Most of the young kids were shy to speak out and enact things. Children need lot more exposure. And, with we big guyz around, with our high voices wonder how they find us ;-)) And, the vocab we use........becomes very important.

Megha was painting lovely little flowers using the children's fingures. Unfy I didn't capture them. Outside, some games happened. Interesting was Tug-of-war where the boyz shyed away to hold on to the girls ;-) Getting the kids all excited was Vinay with his train......the kids happily ran with the chikubuku train.

The teacher Bhuvaneshwari quickly seized the opportunity, got the train to stop at various stations kannuru(Eye station)...mooguru(Nose station)....kiviyuru(Ear station)....and gave some hygine funda's .

Joining us in the morning were other school DSF chaps Shridhar, Avinash, Vinay & Megha. And, greeting us were lot fewer kids than I am used to. Apparently, the previous day, lot of chaos in the class, so one kid was chided/beaten by a teacher.....he immediately got his 'gang' togather......and lo...they happily marched out of the school ;-)) So....this morning, with poor attendance, the HM had to send a teacher to get the gangsters back!

The kids had their mid-day meals. And, we went out to have our meals. Bad idea. By the time we get back, half the gang had vanished ;-)

With the elder kids, I got to teach/test some maths. Priya & Santhosh were getting the rest on to painting with crayons. Priya drew some fundu outlines, and the kids colored them amazingly.

Nagaraja seems to be highly talented, here are his creations. This is a 'Jeebuba' in the making.

Well, we have just 4 saturdays left, need to get in lot more and newer activities to make school real attractive for kids. Remember, many of these kids will not continue with schooling, so need to make the school, a great place on Earth.

Interested ?, Join us, Saturday's 10:30 am onwards.....


Megha said...

That way these kids are taught, is unique. Evidently they are a community that may not stay around the school forever. I'd liek to believe that whatever little they learn, will be of some value to them. Loved being at this school, felt very welcome :)

KSSK said...

I just started after the lunch with one kid his name is Narayana. He was sitting beside me. I asked him to write his name in kannada and he done it and then he started writing his name in English. He never stopped there and went on to write 1 to 100 went on and wrote upto multpiles table upto 7.

After seeing him writing on the board around 4 kids joined me and started writing. It was a good experience. So, here if you motivate them then they are the best.

Note : all are not attended the school for a while. Still they can remember what they have learnt.

If we can use this 4 weeks. We can bring all the kids to school (over ambitious) atleast half of them will continue the school. If we can encourage them then there is a good number of kids will be back to school. So, Please join this saturday.

vinay_ks said...

The teacher is real enthu. We should take up this school next year along with Belur-nagasandra. What say guys?

Akash said...

Yes, Vinay...thats the idea....for that we need people.....hope this Chinnarangala helps us get that crowd....and we can go on to work with both Bellur & Chalghatta schools.

Nice to have had you, Megha & others, do drop in again.