Sunday, April 23, 2006

Volunteer initiatives for the coming months

Hi All!

Summer vacations are on, schools are closed and perhaps some of us feel that this is a lull period for DSF but you may be in for a surprise! The vacation is the time we use for all our preparations and background activities to get set for the next academic year.

Here is an update on our ongoing activities that urgently need volunteer involvement in the coming weeks. Most of these are very creative and ingenious options without any particular time and place constraints. If any of these sound interesting to you, please mail me
or leave a comment on this post if we already have your mail ID, to help get in touch with the other co-ordinators

1. NBD ++ - Our Note Book Drive is all set to go. We require help for co-ordination of collection of funds and distribution of books. Contact - Vinay

2. Weekend summer camps held at Ulsoor, Airport Rd. and RT Nagar schools. Contact Vinay for Ulsoor, Akash for Airport Road and Sunand for RT Nagar Schools.

3. English Vocabulary Module was piloted at the Malleswaram School last year. To implement it on a larger scale next year, module needs to be refined further - volunteer help required. Creative, innovative minds invited. Contact - Megha

4. Pygmalion Content Development - We are exploring / experimenting with the idea of using short films as part of this package to improve English and convey important messages to children through this medium. Need volunteers to help with the various aspects of film-making. Contact - Abhishek.

5. The Math drill test papers for standard 5, 6 and 7. Help required to design tests and content for the Maths sessions. Contact - Dinesh

6 . The Civic and Environmental awareness - skits and content needs to be developed. Contact - Avinash


calvin said...

hey why am i not a contact person for anything. Maybe I can be the contact for organizing surprise Bday Parties for the dsf members. What say ya ?

Megha said...

YA... considering the actually surprise is when bday celebratees dont feel surprised... it a bag full of surprises.. I'll nominate you next time :)

vikram said...

I was suprised to find your comment here ;)

Kiran Kalyan said...

er...hi, i don't know if this is even the proper way to approach you junta . i stumbled on this site while surfing and would like to help out. however , since i'm not in Blore right now, hte only way i CAN help is via monetary that ok? please let me email ID is: name: Kiran Kalyan

bfore i sign off, kudos to you all for the work you're doing. keep it up!

Chetna said...

Hi Megha,
Im interested in involving in the volunteer activities on Airport Rd. Please let me know how to go about it.

I will check this blog-space for response on the same.


Sangeeta R. Goswami said...

Hii Megha,

Great job you guys are up to :)
It's like your objectives are similar to those of ours.
Me a maths teacher and would like to help design maths tests pls let me know what and how about it.

Me and some of my friends have started an e magazine called Reader's Quotient, it is totally for a noble cause of funding education to needy children, I came across your blog in my quest to search talented writers and felt worth to inquire if u shall be interested to come along with us
If yes pls contact us at

Waiting for ur revert