Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Tuitions for Class 10

In DSF, during the academic year of 2005-2006, we interacted with the 4th std kids, assessed the 2nd , 4th and 6th std kids. Going forward we will be monitoring these classes and training them.
Along with taking weekend classes for these kids, we could also take tuitions for 10th std kids. These are my thoughts:
Kids drop out of school at various levels. Firstly after class 5. The reason being, the govt does not permit evaluation of these kids till then. When they enter class 6, they find it hard to cope with the competition. The other reason being, education is free till then.
Secondly they drop out after class 10. This time because, probably, 1. they did not get good marks or 2. financial problems.

I feel that this is the point where we can spot the intelligent ones who might lose out in the race because of lack of training. And if we are able to spot a real genius, then we could also make arrangements for his/her further studies.
As we are doing with the 4th std kids now, we could take up a govt school near B'nagar, Vijayanagar etc, and talk to the principal about this idea. If he does not give us premises, we could look at other options.
When we tell the 10th std kids about tuitions, only the interested will come in. And it is going to be interesting to teach the kids at that level.

I have not thought about the logistics. I need all your comments on the feasibility and hurdles that might be in store.


Megha said...

Avinash >> Glad to see your enthusiasm about taking up :) a new school and expanding the program. Agree about the reasons for the drop out rates being high. The reason DSF involves at Primary school levels is to ensure the foundations are better built. You might want to check out "Dinesh in school" Link on the blog, to see how we've been involving in the RT Nagar school in different ways to help improve the learning levels. What you have said is for all of us school co-ordinators to think about - to help the school identify talent and build it among all children. We really really hope to see all our kids through their schooling without issues. Solutions to each of which may be custom made for a school.

Megha said...

Also there are quite a few of our volunteers who are involved in higher standard coaching at the learning centre with Prerna Foundation's children. I can get you more information about that.

Akash said...


Yes, thats the Josh man.

I wud look at it this way...
Primary education is what we are concentrating, as Megha mentions. And, thats quite challenging, You get their basic right, we are almost done ;-)

10th tutions is a good idea....given the pathetic pass percentage in most govt. high schools. If you are SURE, that you can spend time for 10th std too, great, get going, start interacting.

You could possibly talk to Shrikant/Ravi of Friends of Children, they have been doing the same with 10th kids in Audogodi & Madivala schools. Get their viewpoints & experience. You please write to me, I will pass on their ids.

At http://kalashree.blogspot.com/ Shrikanth shares the 10th exam feeling.

Good luck

Srikanth said...

Nice to know the great work you people are doing.
Infact, we are a few people who did a similar activity couple of months back in T.Dasarahalli Govt School. We had 5 sessions with 7 std children.(around 100 students in total) We noticed that most of the children were really poor with basics. It really hurts to know many of them dont even know multiplication.
So, we felt, it would be better to concentrate on students till 5th standard and improve their basics.
Please feel free to involve me in any of the social activities.
You can reach me @ 9945603112 -