Thursday, March 16, 2006

“Style” Suresh

As I had promised in my Bannerghatta Trip post, I could write an entire post on Suresh alone. Something he said last Saturday after the Maths assessment sessions were done interested me.

All the kids had gone to the place where the food was being served, and Suresh, always the responsible one, stayed back to lock the class room door, and then dragged me to the eating area. He just washed his face, drank some water and got back to the ground. I was coaxing him to eat, and he steadfastly refused.

When I told him that he needed to eat if he wanted to become fatter, he came up with this line – “Yen style-kku idhudhaan correct-a irukkum” (translated to: For my style, this is correct”.) I had no response.

But upon thinking later, I understood what he said. He actually has some style!
A few months back, after the Republic Day celebrations, Dhimant, Megha, Vikram & I were invited to the Headmaster’s office. We were discussing about truant kids over cups of tea, when Suresh enters the room ordering a few 7th standard boys to lift a table and place it elsewhere. (Suresh is in the 4th!) After that, he puts one hand on the HM’s table, stands at an angle, crosses his legs at his ankles…and begins to give out his opinions on why the kids don’t attend regularly. Truly amazing!

It was style that Rajinikanth would be proud of.


vikram said...
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Megha said...

Here's somthing else, someone else had to say about him. :)
He doesnt even know so much is being said about him ...


There is this kid in my class called Suresh. He is extremely naughty. Always upto something or the other. Neither does he listen to the lessons being taught nor does he let the kids sitting around him to learn something. Beats up other children.

Last class, i had as usual taken chocolates for the kids and in order to make him sit and listen, i told him that i wouldnt give him a chocolate if he mis - behaved. All the other kids got their chocolates and towards the end Suresh was visibly upset. I went to him, spoke to him very sweetly, told him that he has to try to be good and gave him his chocolate......and u know what he did......he took the chocolate and threw it out of the window.......