Thursday, March 16, 2006

Our tri-coloured children... in their many colours

And this was a Republic Day Celebration in the Malleshwaram school !

These two boys here are among the heroes of the school.

Suresh, who lives away from his parents (who returned to their village) because he wanted to continue coming to school. He's like the "Monitor" of the class, without the concept of one. He is extremely helpful to the teachers and us.

Ashoka, who is a very smart but naughty kid. Took us a while to get him out from under the table during a "numerical skills" session. But he still did quite well in the Assessment...

Well some people, are just smart and street-smart!

And there are many more.... like each of us, each of our children have a story too... you just need to prod them a bit to tell you about their lives and their dreams... and you'll have a whole new perspective to life.

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