Thursday, March 16, 2006

Getting connected...

Since a lot of our members are new to the Organisation ( people who joined us for assessment, etc) , here's where you can get a broader perspective of the activities we involve in.

In addition, there are Vocabulary enhancement Sessions and there is help needed at the Learning Centre.

Maybe you would like to go to the school that's closest and convenient for you and get to know from the School co-ordinator, what you can help with at the school.

Airport Rd - Santosh/ Preethi
Ulsoor - Vinay
Malleshwaram -Megha
RT Nagar, Tamil - Dinesh / Sunand
RT Nagar, Urdu - Sandeep / Nishta
Jayanagar - Abhishek

You can leave a comment on this post and I'll mail you the numbers.


Megha said...

You might also want to help with the forthcoming NBD ++ (2006). The Not Book Drive, that DSF Volunteers have run successfully for the last four years. Please leave me a note here if you would be interested in co-ordinating this.

Rashmi said...

Finnally got to read all the blogs of DSF.If I can help in anyways for the notebook drive(I hope its not too late), I would really like to help.