Thursday, March 23, 2006

Edu Stats


Can we have some stats on the following
  • Literacy %age, India & Karnataka (other states also welcome)
  • Number of govt. schools in Karnataka, Bangalore (& other district too)
  • Number of primary vs high school (govt.)
  • Boyz vs girls
  • Drop out rate...classwise
  • Economic conditions of parents (monthly salary)
  • Medium of instruction...%age of schools with Kan, Tam, Urdu & English medium.

I guess, not so easy to get them, but we should have these stats on our fingure tips.....helps a lot in a better understanding....and to attract new volunteers & funds......esp with NBD looming.

Lets do our searches.....and put them up here.

Can somebody also talk interms of budget allocation....centre & state.....what percentage...goes where......that would be GREAT.

Guyz...we SHOULD know.

PS: This blog writing is more like a mail ;-)) I miss my pictures......wait...lemme attach one of my favourites.

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My3 said...

Back to School

Fortunately the Govt is getting organised off late. gives a lot of statistics on education in Karnataka. There are about 51,000 govt. schools in Karnataka and over 1300 in Bangalore URBAN itself !!!

Also find lot of good statistics on There are many more such useful links - don't want to cram too much info here.

Check out the School search links on the site and try to find your schools -

I'll upload some other important files on the egroup soon.