Monday, March 13, 2006

Assessment Roster

Assessment of Language and Maths skills have been completed, in 5 of our 6 schools. The results will be shared with the team shortly.

Please give us your feedback (add a comment) about the whole exercise and how we should improve our next attempt at it.


ambika said...

Hey Megha!

Really appreciate your initiative in having this blog, to share each others viewpoint.

I would suggest that we should know how to interact with kids and be prepared with that language for e.g. Maths we did NOT know what is percentage in Kannada and we should NOT communicate that is wrong, this is one of the point for myself as a homework :-).

Akash said...

Megha..thanks for the platform.

Guyz...Kavitha has written a nice account for her assessment experience. check maadi.

Megha said...

ambika >> That is correct ambika. There was a lot more homework we could have done still. We'll make next years initial assessment much smoother.

Sridhar Raman said...

A quick observation after the Maths assessment at MwM:
1) On hindsight, maybe even the 4th standard Maths assessment could have been done on an individual basis. The reason being that, since most of the questions needed some explanations, copying occurred at a great degree. And this wasnt even intentional.
eg. A kid looks at the clock, doesnt know what to do, and asks us what needs to be done. We tell him, "look at the clock, whatever time it shows, write it in the box", and immediately he says out loud, "Aidhu ghante", and everyone in his bench writes it down!
(Maybe, if the paper had been written in Kannada, this problem could have been solved...partly)

Megha said...

Assessment results have been posted on the yahoo groups

Please register add your self to the groups if you havent already.