Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Young Achievers

Eyes twinkling with excitement and proud smiles across their faces, they shyly displayed their awards. Hanumantha S and Lingaraju L, our TenPlus students, have been awarded the Kannada Madhyama Prashasthi, by the Kannada Abhivriddhi Pradhikara of the State Government, for securing the highest marks in SSLC at the taluk level. This award is given to exceptional students from Kannada medium schools. Lingaraju stood first, while Hanumantha was a close second.

Their association with Dream School Foundation goes way back to their seventh standard, when they were inducted into the DSF HeadStart programme. Now pursuing their first year Pre-University from MES P.U College, these ex-students of Bapu High School have known each other since school. Though competitors, as they posed for the photos, their camaraderie was clearly visible.'There was always a healthy competition between the two, as one tried to outscore the other', says Mrs. Bhagya, a teacher at DSF.  

Enthusiastic and lively, Hanumantha, has a strong penchant for learning. Coming from a family where his father is a labourer and mother a house maid, he was faced with many challenges in pursuing his schooling. His curiosity and keen desire to study, were evident right from when he was in middle school.  ‘He would insist on being a part of the classes conducted for the seventh standard, even though he was still studying in the fifth. Numerous attempts to convince him that the classes were more advanced, were futile.  He would stand by the door and observe everything that was taught. After a few days, he took me by surprise, when he started answering questions which even the seventh standard students couldn't!’, fondly recalls Mrs. Bhagya. Ask him his goal and he quickly replies, ‘I want to become an engineer!’

From a similar background, Lingaraju belongs to a family of five. His father is a labourer and mother works as a house maid. Diligent and focused, Lingaraju, is a good example of an ideal student.  ‘His dedication towards studies was evident, as he unfailingly attended classes every day, even though he had to travel quite a distance’, Mrs. Bhagya says. 'Quiet in the class, he absorbs everything and is much disciplined’, she adds. On being questioned about his future goal, ‘I want to become an engineer’, he says with a smile.

Self- motivated and hardworking, these boys are an inspiration for many.