Friday, November 05, 2010

Warli Session @ DSF RT Nagar Centre

Every tree in a forest has it's role to play; there's order in chaos; there's nature's own way of creating harmony and eco-systems.

How different is this from a diverse group of children each with their own intelligence? How difficult is it to orchestrate harmony? - My answer to the first - Not very. To the latter - Very very!

Here's a second experience of having a Warli art session with the children at DSF - ASLC at RT Nagar. Thanks to Arifa madam and Kavitha madam for the hospitality and the preparedness. I wanted the children to tell me what they thought of the sessions and while as always, every little intervention receives appreciation, here are some excerpts, I found interesting:

Raziya Sulthana [8th Std]: We all participated in the drawing and I drew a tree. She showed
us a tree in her laptop and we drew it like that. The class was very enjoyable. I want more art and craft classes.

Salma Khanum [8th Std]: She showed some pictures and asked us to draw a tree. There were many people, animals and birds around. She asked us to draw ourselves. She announced a prize for best drawing and I got the prize. I am feeling very good and nice. I like arts & crafts.

Ruksar Taranum [8th Std]: She asked us to draw any picture we are interested to do . She drew Dream School Foundation and asked us to stick our picture in it. We were all very interested. We enjoyed this class in the holidays.

Zabi [8th Std]: She gave us small chits of papers and asked us to draw our photo. Megha miss put the chart on the wall. We enjoyed and we learnt this art for the first time.

Nagma [8th Std]: She drew Maitri miss and Sabu sir and stuck the pictures on the chart. She announced a prize for the best drawing. I like this subject about art. We will never forget this class. We shared it with family and friends.

Glad these children had fun during this session in October and hope they're having an enjoyable and safe Deepavali as well!

P.S "She' refers to me :)