Thursday, February 22, 2007

RTI for Education


Right To Information and Public Education

At Sakshi, we are always looking for opportunities to channelise the energy of the citizen for critical social issues. One such issue that has been on our radar for some time has been education. Despite the countless crores of money spent on primary and secondary education the output leaves much to be desired. A large majority of India's children study in government schools and the quality reflects in the pass percentage. A study* on the education sector reveal some shocking facts about government schools

· 52 per cent lacked playgrounds

· 89 per cent did not have toilets

· 59 per cent did not have drinking water.

· 26 per cent did not have blackboards

· 59 per cent had no access to maps and charts

· 67 per cent lacked any kind of teaching kits

· 75 per cent had no toys for the children

· 77 per cent of the schools, there were no libraries.

In the light of these facts there is crying need to reform the functioning of these schools and with RTI the opportunity is there for those who are concerned. All you need to do is download our RTI guide on education, choose a school in your neighborhood and start firing your applications.

Your efforts can make a difference in the lives of all the children in the school and it cost far less than sponsoring a child's education. Get involved and download the RTI on Education guide book today.

* The PROBE (Public Report on Basic Education) report (conducted by Akshara Foundation )

Sunday, February 04, 2007

R-Day at the Circle Shaale

The unchanging, chaste few elements to perceive

The smiles showered from the unsuspecting sieve

A curious eye for a display of the three colours

57 and going strong, the innocence is still ours

Rolling the blue wheel of change,on these premises

Tipping over to a hopeful tomorrow's new promises