Dream Day (March 11)

Last week I taken him to the Airport road school to show him. What DSF do. On monday morning to my surprise he sent me this mail.........

Hi Santhosh,
I'm very happy to join Dream School Foundation. Also the
day I joined was also the dream day. I still have in my dream of
meeting Pavithra, Aakash, Udhayee, Mahesh, Raffeq, the school master
who plays cricket and Aakash (DSF) who is very serious in evaluation.
I would like to thank God for the same.


Hi Santhosh,
Today is Dream day March 11. I'm very very happy to join Dream School Foundation on this day. Thank you santhosh.


This is the greetings attached with mail
Dream Day [ March 11 ]
Every success begins with a dream and a dream, in my opinion is both the inspiration and motivation we need to move ahead. So dream big and celebrate the power of your imagination on Dream Day. Catch some snooze whenever you can and escape into the magical world. And if you can't catch sleep, just dare to dream with open eyes while you share the fun with folks with some dreamy ecards.


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