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A scarce commodity

As volunteers for Dream School Foundation my friend Tanvi and I were to go to Balak English School, Yeshwanthpur, an allocated centre for the Headstart Program. Upon arrival, we were greeted by the smiling faces of students who very politely guided us to the second floor where the DSF after school tuition were held. We were unaware of what to expect as we climbed the stairs of the school which brought back memories from the times we were wide-eyed 12-year-olds in a hurry to grow up. We walked into the second floor to be greeted by a class of children who were learning mathematics. Their teacher welcomed us and showed us the classroom that we would be teaching the children in. We entered the room and began to unpack and prepare ourselves for the students, neither of us knew what to expect. Within two minutes a girl with wide eyes and a uniform cracked the door open and said, “Excuse me, Ma’am? Can we please come in?” Tanvi ushered the students into their seats and we began to intr

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