Wednesday, March 15, 2006

DSF's Notebook Drive distribution

Follwoing is a story of one of the Notebook drive distrubutions that we conducted 2 years back. Incidentally that day happened to be our Independence day!

Date: 15th Aug 2004
Event: DSF's Notebook Drive (NBD) distributions
Venue: Yemmlur village schools near airport road, Bangalore

This year a group of DSF volunteers celebrated the Independence Day with a difference. Led by Akash & Dharin, a group of 12 volunteers conducted notebooks distribution in 3 primary schools at the Yemmlur village. The entire gang assembled at the pizza hut, airport road where we split ourselves into 2 groups.

I had Akash, Vineet, Shiva, Saurabh, Anuj and Lata in my group. After having a quick chat we mounted our bikes and headed for the schools. At the venue we were welcomed by the school Head Master who was busy making arrangements for the Independence Day celebrations. Around 150 kids with tricolor in their hands had gathered in the school compound waiting for the program to start. Their wait ended when the head master invited a village elder to hoist the flag. After the flag hoisting the entire assembly sang Jana Gana full gusto. It was such a great feeling to sing our National Anthem after so many years!!

This was followed by a cultural extravaganza from the kids. I can clearly remember 3-4 dance sequences & an equal number of group songs based on socio-religious & patriotic themes. Although I could hardly understand a word (all of it being in Kannada) but was simply delighted to see their talent & the efforts put in by the kids. It was by no standards lesser a display than any of the DPS’s or the KV's or the Convent's.

It was now time to start the notebooks distribution. The head master called the kids class wise on the stage to collect their notebooks. When asked about their aim in life the kids were as ambitious as becoming a doctor, an engineer, a policeman, a soldier, a CID, a teacher & even a pilot!! They have their dreams in mind. All they need are the resources and an opportunity to realize their dreams.

After the distribution was over we left the place leaving behind a group of enthused kids with their notebooks and some advice to realize their potential & their dreams!!

Sweet memories of Independence Day-2004 will remain itched in my mind for a long time to come. This experience has strengthened my belief in a child’s right to education & given me a motivation for at least two things.

  • Learn Kannada
  • Celebrate each coming national festival in an equally meaningful way.

Jai Hind!!

vital statistics of this NBD distribution.
  1. No. of Kids Covered: 210 from 1st to 7th std.
  2. No. of Books Distributed: approx 500
  3. No. of Slates Distributed: 100

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